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The 2016 Samuel Iwry Lecture

Join us at 5:30 p.m., Monday, Oct. 31 in Gilman Hall 50 (Marjorie Fisher Auditorium) for the 2016 Samuel Iwry Lecture. The lecture, titled, “Ancient Israelite Scribal Education: New Insights from Kuntillet Ajrud,” will be given by William M. Schniedewind, Kershaw Professor of Ancient Eastern Mediterranean Studies, University of California, Los Angeles. Please join Professor Schniedewind for coffee before the lecture at 5 p.m.

Faculty, Student, and Alumni Awards – Congratulations to All!

– Professor Ted Lewis has been awarded the 2016 Excellence in Faculty Graduate Teaching and Mentoring Award sponsored by the Dean’s office of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. – Katherine Davis, PhD candidate in Egyptology, has received a two-year lecturer position in Egyptology in the Near Eastern Studies Department at the University of […]

Water Histories and Spatial Archaeology

Water Histories and Spatial Archaeology

This book offers a new interpretation of the spatial-political-environmental dynamics of water and irrigation in long-term histories of arid regions. It compares ancient Southwest Arabia (3500 BC-AD 600) with the American West (2000 BC-AD 1950) in global context to illustrate similarities and differences among environmental, cultural, political, and religious dynamics of water. It combines archaeological […]

Faculty and Student Awards

We are delighted to report two pieces of good news from the 2015 annual meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research in Atlanta (November 2015): Professor Marian Feldman has received the W.F. Albright Award for her service on the Baghdad Committee. This award honors an individual who has shown special support or made outstanding service […]

Rural Archaeology in Early Urban Northern Mesopotamia

Rural Archaeology in Early Urban Northern Mesopotamia

This book presents the results of the extensive excavation of a small, rural village from the period of emerging cities in upper Mesopotamia (modern northeast Syria) in the early to middle third millennium BC. Prior studies of early Near Eastern urban societies generally focused on the cities and elites, neglecting the rural component of urbanization. […]

Texts and Contexts

Texts and Contexts

This volume assembles scholars working on cuneiform texts from different periods, genres, and areas to examine the range of social, cultural, and historical contexts in which specific types of texts circulated. Using different methodologies and sources of evidence, these articles reconstruct the contexts in which various cuneiform texts circulated, providing a critical framework to determine […]

Prof. Jacob Lauinger Granted Johns Hopkins Catalyst Award

We are pleased to announce that Professor Jacob Lauinger has been granted a Johns Hopkins Catalyst Award ($49,720), designed to support the promising research and creative endeavors of early career faculty. Prof. Lauinger is the only humanities professor in the 2015-2016 cohort to receive this award. His project is: “Cuneiform from Canaan: Lemmatization, Annotation, and Electronic Publication of […]

Sanchita Balachandran Awarded a Johns Hopkins Discovery Award

Sanchita Balachandran was awarded a Johns Hopkins Discovery Award in the amount of $99,875 to pursue interdisciplinary research with Patricia McGuiggan (Department of Materials Science and Engineering, JHU) and Matthew Hyleck (Baltimore Clayworks) to investigate the original manufacturing techniques of ancient Greek red figure pottery. The research project involves reverse engineering these ancient vessels by […]