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Michael Harrower

Assistant Professor, Archaeology

Department of Near Eastern Studies
Johns Hopkins University
Gilman 140
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Telephone:  (410) 516-7500

Academic Background: Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 2006
M.A., The Ohio State University, 2001
B. A. Simon Fraser University, 1998

Research Interests: Archaeology of the Near East, Southern Arabia and Eastern Africa, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), satellite imagery, agriculture, irrigation, ethnoarchaeology, mortuary archaeology, landscape archaeology, state formation

Michael Harrower is an archaeologist whose research concentrates on long-term social change from the beginnings of agriculture through the rise of ancient states across Southern Arabia and the Horn of Africa. His interests in archaeological theory center on the interface of scientific and humanistic perspectives in archaeology including as expressed in studies of environmental and social landscapes.  Methodologically, he is a specialist in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping, satellite imagery, advanced GPS mapping, ethnoarchaeology, and ancient irrigation.

Harrower's current fieldwork in Ethiopia and Oman concentrates on landscape-scale political complexity including similarities, differences, and connections with archaeologically more well-known areas such as Egypt, the Levant, and Mesopotamia.  In Oman, investigations have recently involved mapping and detecting small-scale monuments and tombs including remains that date from 3200 B.C. to A.D. 300. In Ethiopia, exploration has concentrated on Pre-Aksumite to Aksumite (1000 B.C. to A.D. 700) landscapes, settlement patterns, and agriculture.

Recent publications include:

Comer, D. and M. Harrower (2013) Mapping Archaeological Landscapes from Space. Springer: New York.

Harrower, M., E.A. Oches, J. McCorriston (2012) Hydro-Geospatial Analysis of Ancient Pastoral/Agro-Pastoral Landscapes along Wadi Sana (Yemen).  Journal of Arid Environments 86: 131-138.

McCorriston, J., M. Harrower, L. Martin, E. Oches (2012) Cattle Cults of the Arabian Neolithic and Early Territorial Societies.  American Anthropologist 114(1): 45-63.

Bongers, J., E. Arkush, M. Harrower (2012) Landscapes of Death: GIS-based Analyses of Chullpas in the Western Lake Titicaca Basin.  Journal of Archaeological Science 39(6): 1687-1693.
McCorriston, J., T. Steimer-Herbet, M. Harrower, K. Williams, J.-F. Saliege, A. Bin  ‘Aqil (2011) Gazetteer of Small Scale Monuments in Prehistoric Hadramawt, Yemen: a radiocarbon chronology from RASA-AHSD Project research 1996-2008.  Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy 22: 1-22.

Harrower, M., J. McCorriston, A. D’Andrea (2010) General/Specific, Local/Global: Comparing Transitions to Agriculture in the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia/Eritrea) and Southwest Arabia ( Yemen).  American Antiquity 75(3): 452-472.

Harrower, M. (2010). "Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Hydrological Modeling in Archaeology: An Example from the Origins of Irrigation in Southwest Arabia (Yemen)." Journal of Archaeological Science 37(7): 1447-1452.

Harrower, M. (2009). "Is the Hydraulic Hypothesis Dead Yet? Irrigation and Social Change in Ancient Yemen." World Archaeology 41 (1): 58-72.

Harrower, M. (2008). "Hydrology, Ideology and the Origins of Irrigation in Ancient Southwest Arabia (Yemen). Current Anthropology 49(3): 497-510.

Harrower, M. (2008). "Mapping and Dating Incipient Irrigation in Wadi Sana, Hadramawt (Yemen)." Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies 38:187-202.

D'Andrea, A. C., A. Manzo, M. Harrower, and A. Hawkins (2008). "Pre-Aksumite and Aksumite Settlement of Eastern Tigrai, Ethiopia." Journal of Field Archaeology 33(2):151-176.

McCorriston, J., M. Harrower, E. A. Oches, Abdalaziz Bin 'Aqil (2005). "Foraging Economies and Population in the Middle Holocene Highlands of Southern Yemen." Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies 35:143-154.

McCorriston, J. and M. Harrower (2005). "Annales History, Geographic Information Systems, and the Analysis of Landscape in Hadramawt, Yemen." Pp. 31-41 in In Temps et Espaces de l'Homme en Société: Analyses et Modèles Spatiaux en Archéologie. Eds. J.-F. Berger, F. Bertoncello, and F. Braemer. Antibes: Éditions APDCA.

Harrower, M., J. McCorriston and E. A. Oches (2002). "Mapping the Roots of Agriculture in Southern Arabia: The Application of Satellite Remote Sensing, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) Technologies." Archaeological Prospection 9:35-42.

Harrower, M.J., K.M. O'Meara, J.J. Basile, C.J. Hickman, J.L. Swerida, I.A. Dumitru, J.L. Bongers, C.J. Bailey, E. Fieldhouse (2014) If a picture is worth a thousand words...3D modelling of a Bronze Age tower in Oman.  World Archaeology

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