Tom Lippincott, Sharon Achinstein, and Jacob Lauinger receive 2021 IDIES Seed Funding Award

Their project, “An unsupervised neural framework for multi-modal literary and historical scholarship” has received a 2021 IDIES Seed Funding award.  Tom Lippincott in Computer Science is the project’s Principal Investigator and Sharon Achinstein in English and Jacob Lauinger in Near Eastern Studies are Co-Investigators. For Lauinger’s part of the project, his team will be training a machine-learning model developed by Lippincott and his colleagues to learn to recognize natural clusters in the transliterations, translations, and metadata of editions of the Amarna letters that Lauinger has put together. Assyriology PhD student Michael Chapin will work on the project as a research assistant.

For more information on the IDIES Award visit their website.