The Amarna Letters on Oracc

Jacob Lauinger and Tyler Yoder are pleased to announce the release of an initial set of 218 fully-lemmatized Amarna letters on Oracc.

The goal of the project is to make transliterations, translations, and glossaries of the Amarna letters and inventories available to both scholars and the wider public. The project website also contains an extensive and up-to-date bibliography. 

This initial set, the first of three, comprises the correspondence to and from Egypt’s client kings in the Levant, with the exception of the letters sent from Phoenicia. The second release will add the Phoenician correspondence. The final release will add the correspondence to and from the so-called “Great Powers,” as well as the attendant inventories.

The Amarna Letters on Oracc received support from a Catalyst Award from The Johns Hopkins University (2015-2016). The project is part of Akkadian of the Eastern Mediterranean World, an on-going Oracc umbrella project directed by Jacob Lauinger (Johns Hopkins University) and Matthew Rutz (Brown University) that aims to bring together lemmatized, searchable editions and translations of archival texts written in Akkadian cuneiform from a wide variety of Eastern Mediterranean sites.