Michael Harrower

Michael Harrower

Associate Professor of Archaeology
Director of Undergraduate Studies for Archaeology Major

PhD, Ohio State University

Gilman 140
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Michael Harrower is an archaeologist whose research concentrates on long-term histories from the beginnings of agriculture through the rise of ancient states across Southern Arabia and the Horn of Africa. His interests in archaeological theory center on the interface of scientific and humanistic perspectives in archaeology especially as expressed in studies of environmental and social landscapes. Thematically, his recent research concentrates on spatial, political and ideological dynamics of water. Methodologically, he is a specialist in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping, satellite imagery, advanced GPS, and ancient irrigation.

Harrower's current fieldwork in Oman and Ethiopia includes a NASA-funded study of long-term water histories using a combination of archaeological survey (exploration) and satellite imagery analysis. In Ethiopia, investigations have recently concentrated on Pre-Aksumite through Late-Aksumite (1000 BC to 700 AD) settlement patterns, and excavations of the newly discovered ancient town of Beita Semati. In Oman, recent research has involved wide-ranging archaeological survey along with satellite imagery detection of copper resources and past irrigation.

Spatial Observation Lab for Archaeological Research (SOLAR)

Professor Harrower’s core teaching responsibilities include archaeology of the ancient world up to the rise of cities and civilizations (World Prehistory), along with analytical techniques, concepts, and epistemology in archaeology (Archaeological Method and Theory).  His teaching also concentrates on spatial archaeology (including applications of satellite imagery and various computer mapping technologies), geoarchaeology, archaeology of water, and the archaeology of Africa and Arabia.  Courses Harrower regularly teaches at Johns Hopkins include:

World Prehistory

Archaeological Method and Theory

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Archaeology

Space Archaeology: Introduction to Satellite Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS

Nomads, Tyrants, and Kings: Water in the Ancient Near East

Archaeology of Arabia

Archaeology of Africa

Geoarchaeology: Applications of Earth Science to Archaeology

Please visit the Spatial Observation Lab for Archaeological Research (SOLAR) website for a listing of publications.