Stephanie Cooper

Hebrew Bible & Northwest Semitic Philology
MA: Old Testament Studies, Denver Seminary (2018)
BA: International/Multicultural Studies, Evangel University (2005)
Interests: Material religion, literary objects, serpent imagery, Ugaritic studies

Kyle Dillon

Hebrew Bible & Northwest Semitic Philology
MTS: University of Notre Dame (2023)
MTS: Harvard Divinity School (2021)
BA: Colgate University (2019)
Interests: Ancient Near Eastern literature and religions, material religion, gender studies, Ugaritic studies

Richard J. L. Essam

MA: Assyriology, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena (2015)
BA: Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, University of Toronto (2011)
Interests: Sumerian and Akkadian philology and grammar, history of ancient Near Eastern religions

Justin E. Estrada

Hebrew Bible & Northwest Semitic Philology
MA: Durham University (2013)
MSt: University of Oxford (2010)
MDiv: Reformed Theological Seminary (2009)
BA: University of Pennsylvania (2006)

Tori Finlayson

MA: Leiden University (2016)
BA: University British Columbia (2011)

Marc Flores

MA: Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Pompeu Fabra University (2019)
MPhil: Assyriology, University of Cambridge (2018)
BA: History, University of Barcelona (2017)
Interests: Cultural and intellectual history, linguistic anthropology and ancient Near Eastern religion

Lucas G. Freire

PhD: Politics, University of Exeter (2013)
MA: International Relations, University of Exeter (2008)
BA: Economics, UFMG (2006), International Relations, PUC Minas (2006)
Interests: Economic history, diplomacy, the Near East in the liberal arts curriculum

Rania Galal Darwish Suliman

MA: Johns Hopkins University (2014)
BA: Helwan University (2008)

Nicholas Gill

MA: Classics, Queen’s University (2017)
BA: Classical Studies, Queen’s University (2015)
Interests: Divination, ancient science and medicine, sacrifice, and Near Eastern religion

Chelsea Kaufman

MA: Archaeological Studies, Yale University (2017)
BA: Art History, Moravian College (2015)
Interests: Change, consistency, and maintenance of art and iconography in sacred and secular space with a focus on the 18th Dynasty

Faith Myrick

Near Eastern Art and Archaeology
BA: History and Art, George Mason University (2020)
Interests: Interactions between the ancient Near East and other Eurasian cultures

Morganne Ottobre

Hebrew Bible & Northwest Semitic Philology
MDiv: Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, Princeton Theological Seminary (2021)
BA: Religious Studies; Economics, University of Virginia (2018)
Interests: Israelite religion, ethnicity and gender in the ANE

Paige Paulsen

MA: Anthropology, University of Central Florida (2018)
BA: Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations / Geography, University of Chicago (2014)

Laurel A. Poolman

BA: Archaeology, George Washington University (2014)
Interest: Zooarchaeology

Maarten Praet

Egyptian Art and Archaeology
MA: Near Eastern Studies, KU Leuven (2018)
MA: Archaeology, KU Leuven (2016)
MA: Ancient History, KU Leuven (2015)
BA: History, KU Leuven (2014)
Interests: Art and archaeology of the Middle Kingdom

Xiaoye (Grace) Qi

MA: Bible and Ancient Near East, Brandeis University (2020)
MA: Ancient History, Fudan University (2016)
BA: History, Qufu Normal University (2013)

Ishbel S. Russell

MSt: Cuneiform Studies, University of Oxford (2022)
BA: Assyriology & Egyptology, University of Cambridge (2021)
Interests: Philology, gender in Sumerian textual sources, interdisciplinary approaches, textual materiality

Matthew Saunders

Hebrew Bible & Northwest Semitic Philology
MA: Near Eastern Archaeology and Languages, Trinity International University (2021)
BA: History, Welch College (2018)
Interests: Northwest Semitic philology, Comparative Semitic linguistics, Aramaic studies

John Lafe Shannon

MA: Middle Eastern Studies, University of Chicago (2020)
BA: Sociology, Saint Xavier University (2018)
Interests: Archaeometallurgy, Human-Environment Interaction, Prehistory

Karlene Shippelhoute

Near Eastern Art and Archaeology
BA: Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations and Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley (2016)

Zeynep Türker

BA: Archaeology, Bilkent University (2023)

Georgia H. Vance

Near Eastern Archaeology
MPhil: Assyriology, University of Cambridge (2021)
BA Honours: Archaeology & Ancient History, Monash University (2019)
BA: Ancient Cultures & Literary Studies, Monash University (2018)
Interests: Spatial archaeology, ritual and religion, trade and cultural exchange, longue durée approaches

Jason Weimar

Hebrew Bible & Northwest Semitic Philology
MA: Archaeology, Cornell University (2017)
MDiv: Reformed Theological Seminary (2016)
BA: History, University of Louisiana – Monroe (2012)
Interests: Ancient South Arabian, relationship between the southern Levant and Yemen, scribal practice and errors

Mason Wilkes

BA: English and Comparative Literature Studies, Occidental College (2009)
Interests: Sumerian myth and literature

Alison Wilkinson

MA: University of Liverpool (2019)
BA: University of Liverpool (2018)
Interests: Portrayal of women and gender in textual evidence, gender studies, linguistics, Deir el-Medina

Victoria Wilson

MA: University of Chicago
BA: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill