Major Requirements

Students must earn a “C-“ or higher grade in all courses used to satisfy major requirements and courses may not be taken satisfactory/unsatisfactory.

Full major requirements can be found on the Undergraduate & Graduate Academic Catalog website.

Minor Requirements

To minor in Near Eastern Studies, a student must complete six courses (18 credits) from among the department’s offerings. One of these courses must be from among the Department’s regularly offered introductory courses to the ancient Near East:

  • 130.101 Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations
  • 130.126 Gods and Monsters in Ancient Egypt
  • 130.135 Pyramids, Temples and Tombs
  • 130.140 Hebrew Bible / Old Testament
  • 130.170 Diplomacy and Conflict in the Ancient Middle East

The remaining five courses are selected, in consultation with the director of undergraduate studies in Near Eastern Studies, to meet the needs and interests of the student. Full minor requirements are also available on the Undergraduate & Graduate Academic Catalog website.