• faculty

  • Betsy M. Bryan

    Alexander Badawy Chair in Egyptian Art and Archaeology; Professor

    PhD, Yale University
  • Paul A. Delnero

    Associate Professor of Assyriology
    Director of Undergraduate Studies

    PhD, University of Pennsylvania
  • Marian Feldman

    W.H. Collins Vickers Chair in Archaeology
    Professor of History of Art & Near Eastern Studies

    PhD, Harvard University
    • 410-516-2814
    • Gilman 174
    • Research Interests: Ancient Near East and Eastern Mediterranean Art
  • Michael Harrower

    Associate Professor of Archaeology
    Director of Undergraduate Studies for Archaeology Major

    PhD, Ohio State University
    • 410-516-7500
    • Gilman 140
    • Research Interests: Archaeology of the Near East, Arabia and Africa; Water Histories; Geographic Information Systems (GIS); satellite imagery; spatial theory; agriculture; irrigation; landscape archaeology; complex polities
  • Richard Jasnow

    Professor of Egyptology
    Chair, Department of Near Eastern Studies

    PhD, University of Chicago
  • Jacob Lauinger

    Associate Professor, Assyriology

    PhD, University of Chicago
  • Theodore J. Lewis

    Blum-Iwry Professor of Near Eastern Studies
    Director of Graduate Studies

    PhD, Harvard University
    • 410-516-6791
    • Gilman 124
    • Research Interests: Hebrew Bible, Northwest Semitics (especially Ugaritic and Aramaic), Ancient Near Eastern Religion
  • Alice Mandell

    William Foxwell Albright Chair in Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies
    Assistant Professor

    PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Glenn M. Schwartz

    Whiting Professor of Archaeology

    PhD, Yale University
  • other faculty

  • Sanchita Balachandran

    Art and Archaeological Conservation Lecturer

    MA, New York University
  • Karen (Maggie) Bryson


    PhD, Johns Hopkins University
  • Jerrold S. Cooper

    W.W. Spence Professor Emeritus of Semitic Languages

    PhD, University of Chicago Oriental Institute
  • David Katz

    Assistant Professor

    PhD, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Yoo-ki Kim

    Visiting Scholar

    PhD, Johns Hopkins University
  • P. Kyle McCarter, Jr.

    William Foxwell Albright Professor Emeritus in Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies

    PhD, Harvard University
  • Ellen Robbins


    PhD, New York University
  • staff

  • Vonnie Wild

    Academic Department Coordinator

  • Glenda Hogan

    Academic Program Coordinator and Graduate Admissions

  • Jason Oliver

    LAN Administrator

  • Katherine Gallagher

    Library Specialist, Archaeological Museum

  • Don Juedes

    Research Services Librarian, Milton S. Eisenhower Library

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