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Course # (Section) Title Day/Times Instructor Location Term Course Details
AS.010.315 (01)Art of the Assyrian Empire, 1000-600 BCEMW 12:00PM - 1:15PMFeldman, MarianGilman 177Spring 2024
AS.010.398 (01)Tombs for the LivingTTh 10:30AM - 11:45AMDeleonardis, LisaHodson 216Spring 2024
AS.040.420 (04)Classics Research Lab: Race in Antiquity Project (RAP)W 1:30PM - 4:00PMPandey, NandiniGreenhouse 000Spring 2024
AS.040.420 (05)Classics Research Lab: A world of orators: speaking in public in the Roman empireM 1:30PM - 4:00PMRoller, MatthewGilman 108Spring 2024
AS.130.177 (01)World Prehistory: An Anthropological PerspectiveTTh 12:00PM - 1:15PMHarrower, Michael JamesBloomberg 168Spring 2024
AS.130.216 (01)History of the Jews in Pre-Modern Times, from the Middle Ages to 1789TTh 10:30AM - 11:45AMKatz, DavidSmokler Center LibrarySpring 2024
AS.130.441 (01)Elementary Biblical Hebrew IITTh 12:00PM - 1:15PMMandell, Alice HMSE Library D1Spring 2024
AS.130.443 (01)Readings - Hebrew Prose and PoetryTTh 12:00PM - 1:15PMLewis, TedGilman 130GSpring 2024
AS.210.120 (01)Modern Hebrew for Beginners ITTh 3:00PM - 4:15PMScott, Cameron DavidSmokler Center LibrarySpring 2024
AS.210.121 (01)Modern Hebrew for Beginners IITTh 3:00PM - 4:15PMBessire, MiritSmokler Center 301Spring 2024
AS.210.221 (01)Intermediate Modern Hebrew IITTh 1:30PM - 2:45PMBessire, MiritSmokler Center LibrarySpring 2024
AS.270.205 (01)Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Geospatial AnalysisM 1:30PM - 4:00PMChen, XinKrieger 108Spring 2024
AS.360.305 (01)Introduction to Computational Methods for the HumanitiesTTh 1:30PM - 2:45PMLippincott, Tom; Sirin Ryan, HaleGilman 55Spring 2024
AS.360.306 (01)Computational Intelligence for the HumanitiesTTh 12:00PM - 1:15PMBacker, Samuel Ehrlich; Messner, Craig AGilman 195Spring 2024
AS.001.147 (01)FYS: Reading Ancient Middle Eastern LiteratureTh 1:30PM - 4:00PMLauinger, JacobGilman 130GFall 2024
AS.010.205 (01)Art and Architecture of MesoamericaTTh 3:00PM - 4:15PMStaffGilman 177Fall 2024
AS.010.307 (01)Diplomats, Dealers, and Diggers: The Birth of Archaeology and the Rise of Collecting from the 19th c. to TodayTTh 10:30AM - 11:45AMFeldman, MarianGilman 177Fall 2024
AS.130.154 (01)Giving Birth and Coming to Life in Ancient Egypt: The Tree and the FruitWF 4:30PM - 5:45PMArnette, Marie-LysGilman 130GFall 2024
AS.130.155 (01)Sacred Signs: The History and Mystery of Egyptian HieroglyphsMWF 11:00AM - 11:50AMJasnow, RichardGilman 75Fall 2024
AS.130.214 (01)The Origins of Civilization: A Cross-Cultural PerspectiveTTh 1:30PM - 2:45PMSchwartz, Glenn MGilman 55Fall 2024
AS.130.216 (01)History of the Jews in Pre-Modern Times, from the Middle Ages to 1789TTh 10:30AM - 11:45AMKatz, DavidSmokler Center LibraryFall 2024
AS.130.301 (01)History of Ancient Syria-PalestineF 2:00PM - 4:30PMMandell, Alice HGilman 130GFall 2024
AS.130.314 (01)Introduction To Middle EgyptianTTh 3:00PM - 4:15PMWilkinson, Alison MichelleMSE Library EisenbergFall 2024
AS.130.354 (01)Archaeological Method and TheoryTTh 12:00PM - 1:15PMHarrower, Michael JamesGilman 130GFall 2024
AS.130.366 (01)Reading the Talmud in Pre-modern Jewish Culture. Attempting to Cope With Abusive Husbands: Annullment of Marriage in the Literature of Post Talmudic Rabbinic JuadismTTh 12:00PM - 1:15PMKatz, DavidSmokler Center LibraryFall 2024
AS.130.381 (01)Elementary AkkadianM 3:00PM - 5:30PMQi, GraceMSE Library D1Fall 2024
AS.130.388 (01)Elementary SumerianRussell, Ishbel Sophie Fall 2024
AS.130.440 (01)Elementary Biblical HebrewTTh 9:00AM - 10:15AMOttobre, Morganne CMSE Library EisenbergFall 2024
AS.130.442 (01)Readings - Hebrew ProseTTh 1:30PM - 2:45PMOttobre, Morganne CMSE Library D1Fall 2024
AS.133.418 (01)Egyptian Art & Material Culture: Principles, Materiality and ChallengesMW 12:00PM - 1:15PMArnette, Marie-LysGilman 130GFall 2024
AS.134.406 (01)Kings, Prophets, and Scribes: The Creation of "Israel" in the Deuteronomistic HistoryTh 2:00PM - 4:30PMMandell, Alice H Fall 2024
AS.136.101 (01)Introduction To ArchaeologyTTh 10:30AM - 11:45AMAnderson, Emily S.K.Gilman 17Fall 2024
AS.210.120 (01)Elementary Modern HebrewTTh 1:30PM - 2:45PMBessire, MiritSmokler Center 301Fall 2024
AS.210.121 (01)Modern Hebrew for Beginners IITTh 1:30PM - 2:45PMScott, Cameron DavidSmokler Center LibraryFall 2024
AS.270.205 (01)Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Geospatial AnalysisM 1:30PM - 4:00PMChen, XinKrieger 108Fall 2024
AS.360.111 (05)SOUL: Sacred Manuscripts, Scholarly Methods - Hebrew Bible in Academic StudyM 1:30PM - 4:00PMCooper, Stephanie LynnMSE Library D1Spring 2024
AS.136.101 (01)Introduction To ArchaeologyTTh 1:30PM - 2:45PMSchwartz, Glenn MGilman 50Spring 2024
AS.360.111 (15)SOUL: Curatorial Confessions - The Secret Lives of Ancient Art in Baltimore MuseumsTh 5:30PM - 8:00PMShippelhoute, Karlene Dee AnnGilman 130GSpring 2024