NameConcentrationDissertation TitleAffiliationGraduation Year
Nicholas GillAssyriologySumerian and Akkadian in Old Babylonian Incantation TabletsPost-Doctoral Fellow, Assyriology - Ca' Foscari University, Venice, Italy2024
Michael ChapinAssyriology“My-Mother-Is-Precious”: Names and Naming Practices in the First Dynasty of the Sealand (ca. 1500 BCE)Society of Fellows Postdoctoral Fellowship – Archaeological Museum, Johns Hopkins University2023
Noah CrabtreeHebrew Bible/Northwest SemiticsThe Prophet From Anathoth: Benjamin-Judean Identity Negotiation and the Formation of the Book of Jeremiah2023
Avary Rhys TaylorNear Eastern Art and ArchaeologyThe Lives of Things in the Northwest PalacePostdoctoral Associate, Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage, Yale University2023
Morgan MoroneyEgyptologyPregnant With Wine: A Gendered Approach to Wine Materiality in Egyptian Funerary RitualAssistant Curator, Egyptian, Classical, and Ancient Near Eastern Art, The Brooklyn Museum2022
Jill S. WallerEgyptologyFor The Greedy There Will Be No Tomb: Cemetery N9000 of Naga Ed-Deir and Ancient Thinis in The Middle Kingdom Through Early New Kingdom Periods2022
Adam BeanHebrew Bible/Northwest SemiticsLocal Cults and National Gods: Divine Identity in Iron Age Levantine ReligionVisiting Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Milligan University2022
Margaret (Meg) SwaneyEgyptologyDesigning a Temple for Repit: Art-Making and Meaning-Making at the Ptolemy XII Temple at AthribisPresidential Management Fellow, PHutures, Johns Hopkins University2022
Greg ChurchHebrew Bible/Northwest SemiticsThe Defilement of the Land in the Hebrew Bible: Exploring the Social Uses of Disgust, Law, and RitualThe Clearing2021
Lingxin ZhangEgyptologyWriting Her Fate: Women's Astrological Manuals from Roman Egypt (PSI INV.D 35+ P. Carlsberg 684 and P. Carlsberg 100)Provost’s Distinguished Faculty Fellow & Assistant Professor – Dept of Classics, Georgetown University2021
Kathryn MedillHebrew Bible/Northwest SemiticsYou Will Know Me by My Writing: The Scribes' Choice of Goal-Marking Strategies in Biblical Hebrew in the Light of Social, Historical, and Linguistic CorrelatesSecondary Faculty in Ancient Humanities, Coventry University2020
David J. RosensteinHebrew Bible/Northwest SemiticsDeuteronomy and Rhetoric: The Art of Practical Argumentation in Ancient Israel2020
Ioana DumitruArchaeologyA Comparative Approach to the Development of Ancient Copper Supply Networks in Oman and Obsidian Supply Networks in EthiopiaAssociate Lecturer, School of Archaeology, The University of Sydney2019
Anna GlennAssyriologyPraise of Kingship: Sirgida-hymns in the Old Babylonian Liturgical TraditionResearch Assistant, Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat, Munich, Germany2019
Rosanne Liebermann Hebrew Bible/Northwest Semitics"Hearts of Flesh": Collective Identity and the Body in the Book of EzekielAssistant Professor, Aarhus University2019
Karen BrysonEgyptologyThe Reign of Horemheb: History, Historiography, and the Dawn of the Ramesside Era2018
Erin Guinn-VillarealHebrew Bible/Northwest SemiticsBiblical Hebrew qin’â and the Maintenance of Social Integrity in Ancient Israelite LiteratureGovernment Accountability Office2018
William ReedHebrew Bible/Northwest SemiticsYahweh’s “Cruel Sword”: The Manifestation of Punishment and the Trauma of ExileGovernment Accountability Office2018
Ashley Fiutko AricoEgyptian Art and ArchaeologyThe Contexts of Ancient Egyptian Statuary in the LevantAssociate Curator, Ancient Egyptian Art, Art Institute of Chicago2017
Joshua BowenAssyriologyA Preliminary Study of the Sumerian Curricular and Lamentational Texts from the Old Babylonian City of Kish2017
Marina Escolano-PovedaEgyptologyThe Image of the Egyptian Priests in the Graeco-Roman Period (3rd Century BCE – early 4th Century CE): an
Analysis on the Basis of the Egyptian and Graeco-Roman Literary and Paraliterary Sources
Lecturer in Egyptology, University of Manchester2017
Meredith FraserEgyptian Art and ArchaeologyA Material Culture Analysis of Menits and Menit Counterpoises from the New Kingdom through the Third Intermediate PeriodContent Director, Hanover Research2017
J. Caleb HowardAssyriologyThe Process of Producing the Standard Inscription of Ashurnasirpal II at Nimrud/KalḫuResearch Associate, Tyndale House, Cambridge
Research Associate, St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge
Jennifer SweridaArchaeologyHousing the Umm an-Nar: The Settlements and Houses of BatAssistant Professor, West Asian Archaeology, Leiden University2017
Christopher BrinkerArchaeologyAn Absence of Evidence: A search for Mobile Pastoralism and Segmentary Lineage Systems in the Archaeological and Historical Records of Early Bronze Age SyriaConsultant, Booz Allen Hamilton2016
Katherine DavisEgyptologyConceptions of Language: Egyptian Perspectives on Writing and Grammar in the Late Period and Greco-Roman PeriodAssistant Professor of Egyptology, University of Michigan2016
John Tracy Thames Jr.Hebrew Bible/Northwest SemiticsRitual Revision and the Influence of Empire: The Politics of Change in the zukru Festival of Late Bronze EmarAssistant Professor of Religion, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Clemson University2016
Laura WrightHebrew Bible/Northwest SemiticsGlyptic Art Under and After Empire: Late Bronze IIB and Iron I Scarabs and Stamp Seals from the Southern LevantVisiting Assistant Professor, Luther College2016
Tiffany Earley-SpadoniArchaeologyEnvisioning Landscapes of Warfare: a Multi-Regional Analysis of Early Iron Fortress-States and Biainili-UrartuAssociate Professor, Dept of History, University of Central Florida2015
Michael SimoneHebrew Bible/Northwest SemiticsOn Fire: Preternatural and Hypostatic Fire in Ancient Israelite ReligionAssistant Professor of Old Testament, Boston College2015
Adam MaskevichArchaeologyUmm el-Marra and the Westward Expansion of the Mittani Empire in Northwestern Syria2014
Erin FlemingHebrew Bible/Northwest SemiticsThe Politics of Sexuality in the Story of King David2013
Heather Dana Davis ParkerNorthwest SemiticsThe Levant Comes of Age: The Ninth Century BCE through Script Traditions2013
Jaime L. WatersHebrew Bible/Northwest SemiticsThreshing Floors as Sacred Spaces in the Hebrew BibleAssociate Professor, Old Testament, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry2013
Sarah Koplik YukichArchaeologySpatial Dimensions of Social Complexity: Environment, Economy, and Settlement in the Jabbul Plain, 3000-550 BC2013
Isabel CranzHebrew Bible/Northwest SemiticsImpurity and Ritual in the Priestly Source and Assyro-Babylonian IncantationsAssistant Professor of Biblical Studies, University of Pennsylvania2012
Heath DewrellHebrew Bible/Northwest SemiticsChild Sacrifice in Ancient Israel and Its OpponentsAssistant Professor, Dept of Middle Eastern Studies, The University of Texas at Austin2012
Andrew KnappHebrew Bible/Northwest SemiticsRoyal Apologetic in the Ancient Near EastAcquisitions Editor, Old Testament, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company2012