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In Memoriam: Hans Goedicke

Hans Goedicke, professor emeritus in the Department of Near Eastern Studies. He died of cancer on February 24, 2015. A native of Vienna, Dr. Goedicke earned his doctoral degree in 1949 from the University of Vienna and then worked as an assistant at the Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna. From 1952 until 1957, he […]

Graduate Student Receives Fulbright Scholarship

Congratulations to Joshua Bowen, a PhD candidate in Near Eastern Studies researching Assyriology, who received a Fulbright grant to Germany. There Bowen will translate and contextualize more than 130 liturgical tablets from the ancient city of
 Kiš, which have resisted translation due to their fragmentary state and enigmatic Sumerian dialect. His work on this neglected Sumerian […]

Johns Hopkins Expert Discusses Ritual Public Drunkenness in Ancient Egypt

Earlier this week, Betsy Bryan, who specializes in the history, art, and archaeology of Egypt's New Kingdom (ca. 1600-1000 B.C.), participated in a lecture series under the auspices of the California Museum of Ancient Art, where she spoke about ancient Egyptian ritual celebrations that centered around public drunkenness and sex.

Studying Archaeological Histories From Space

Worldview-2 satellite image of an oasis near Yanqul, Oman
Michael Harrower and Ben Zaitchick of the Krieger School use satellites to study archaeological histories. Read more and see the image in Johns Hopkins Magazine.

Prof. Betsy Bryan’s Dig in Egypt Featured in Arts & Sciences Magazine

egypt dig
“We were not expecting to find bodies,” says Betsy Bryan, professor of Egyptian art and archaeology. But this year – the 19th summer that Bryan has led Johns Hopkins students on an archaeological dig in Luxor, Egypt – bodies are exactly what Bryan and her students found. “We’ve been digging in this particular site for 6 years now, and up until this time we never found human burials. This year there was at least one burial in every square we dug.” [...]

Video: Johns Hopkins in Egypt

egypt video still
Watch a video of highlights from the archaeological dig and research conducted by Prof. Betsy Bryan and students in Egypt over the summer. Bryan, professor of Egyptian art and archaeology in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, led the research team and has done so every year since 1993, bringing the study of archaeology and […]

Prof. Glenn Schwartz Featured in Johns Hopkins Magazine

syria illustration
altimore may be home base, but for many in the Johns Hopkins community, travel is an essential part of the job. Research, scholarship, and clinical trials take faculty all over the world, and for some, years of dedicated study have fostered an intimate relationship with a particular locale. [...]

In Memoriam: Raymond Westbrook, 1946-2009

raymond westbrook
Raymond Westbrook, W.W. Spence Professor in Semitic Languages at the Johns Hopkins University, died peacefully on July 23, 2009, in London, after a long illness, a few months short of his 63rd birthday. He was a leading authority on ancient Near Eastern legal traditions, and made important contributions to the study of early Greek and […]